Local Artist and Jack J on New Year's Eve + Chill/Visuals Room

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If you feel the need to celebrate surviving one more full fledged rotation around the sun,

or if you want to show your respect to Gregorian calendar as it flips its own wig for the 434th time,

or if you feel like freaking it from start to finish because that is what we have been doing since the dawn of TIME,

or if all of the above/other

we have the space and the place for you to explore all these urges and more

Jack J and Local Artist will deejay all night and most styles will not be ignored: jazz, house, deep dance, originals, classics, jazzy house, rock, dub, MPB, AOR, BC Beat, techno + more.

Meanwhile, down the hall, a relaxing space for reflection curated by some very exciting artists from Vancouver.

Ambient crew:
Yu Su
Unknown Mobile
Daniel R

Maria Lazzarotto
Ryley O'Byrne
John Burgess
Evan Mason
Laura Piasta
Chad Murray
Dave Livingston
Robin Sparkes

See you there!

Sold Out


Unknown location Vancouver, British Columbia

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